Green Camp is located at Green School, Bali, one of the greenest and most innovative campuses in the world.

Set in this beautiful location, we offer programs for children, families and school groups with a range of fun activities that challenges campers physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Our year-round programs fit all schedules, simply choose the one that fits your needs:

Family Camps

Family Camps

The experience of a lifetime is waiting you here!


Kids Camps

Kids Camps

Embrace your child’s dreams to explore nature!


School Camps

School Camps

Learn like Green School students and experience the campus.


Our programs are offered all year round, ranging from overnight camps at our beautiful bamboo Yuts to off-site trips with kids, families, and schools.  

Designed by experienced facilitators, our activities will cultivate survival skills, develop sustainability knowledge and awareness, and empower individuals–all this while having a blast!

Are you ready for unforgettable experiences? Join us at Green Camp!

our programs are designed on


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If we don’t teach children how to live sustainably, there will be no world which they can live. Children must be taught to understand the impact humans have on the future of our planet. At Green Camp, children will learn how to live sustainably and raise awareness through our Waste Management Program to tackle environmental issues we face today.

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Cultural Appreciation


For the world to survive and thrive, the rich diversity of cultures, communities and beliefs must be preserved. Bali offers a vast richness of culture and traditions. By gaining exposure to a new and rich culture, children can develop an appreciation for diversity.

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Every child has the capacity to lead and the capacity to create change. Green Camp fosters leadership by creating a community of participants who live, work, learn and grow together. Every child will be challenged to move outside their comfort zone, able to work both in a team and initiate to become a leader.

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Nature-based Education


Children learn by doing. Through immersed, hands-on experience, students will develop knowledge that fosters meaningful connections. At Green Camp, not only do participants acquire knowledge and facts, they are able to practice what they have learned.


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