Green Camp is located at Green School, Bali, one of the greenest and most innovative campuses in the world.

Set in this beautiful location, we offer programs for children, families and school groups with a range of fun activities that challenges campers physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Our year-round programs fit all schedules, simply choose the one that fits your needs:

Family Camps

Family Camps

The experience of a lifetime is waiting you here!


Kids Camps

Kids Camps

Embrace your child’s dreams to explore nature!


Green School English Camps

Green School English Camps

Learn like Green School students and experience the campus.


School Camps

School Camps

Learn like Green School students and experience the campus.


Our programs are offered all year round, ranging from overnight camps at our beautiful bamboo Yuts to off-site trips with kids, families, and schools.  

Designed by experienced facilitators, our activities will cultivate survival skills, develop sustainability knowledge and awareness, and empower individuals–all this while having a blast!

Are you ready for unforgettable experiences? Join us at Green Camp!

our programs are designed on


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Sustainability Education


We feel that the essence of Sustainability Education is to guide children to tap into their innate capacity for systems thinking. Our learning environment is designed to cultivate in campers the understanding that everything is connected and our actions on this planet have consequences. Campers learn to be mindful of the impact of their actions on the natural environment and each other. The UN Sustainable Development Goals underpin the camp curriculum as a unifying framework for enhancing understanding of sustainability challenges, and to help us be more responsible global citizens.

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Intercultural Appreciation


We believe that the diversity of cultures in our communities should be deeply respected and understood. Bali offers a vast richness of culture and traditions which are integrated into Green Camp learning experiences. Diversity at the camp is celebrated, and the mutual exchange of ideas is encouraged. Relationships are built and strengthened as campers play and learn alongside each other.

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Personal and Social Development


Navigating the inner world can be more challenging and confusing than getting lost and finding your way out of a dense forest jungle. Through a range of experiences campers are able to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Campers have the opportunity to evolve their interpersonal skills and are challenged to move beyond their comfort zone. We offer the opportunity for campers to be engaged in collaborative experiences, learning to learn, live, work and play positively together.

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Nature-Based Learning


Full immersion in nature, with blurred lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, allows campers to fully experience their place in the natural world’s rich biodiversity.  It is through this connection that campers learn to care deeply about the world around them and become stewards for our planet. Natural and sustainable materials are used in experiences, allowing for exploration and supporting hands-on learning. The Green Camp experience offers a context for campers to ‘rewild’ themselves; remembering what we always knew about our connection with nature but have forgotten.


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