Family Camps

Whether you decide upon a 3 Day or 5 Day Family Camps, your family will have the experience of a lifetime!
This was a wonderful experience on so many levels and I would highly recommend any family taking their children. 5 star camp without a doubt. Do yourselves and the environment a favor and take your family to Green Camp. If every family takes one eco change home with them, then slowly but surely our countries, states and cities will begin the positive change to a cleaner, safer and sustainable way of life.
– A family from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Improve the connection between you and your family through the bonding experience of a lifetime, where you can learn more about each other and nature through a range of activities which are both engaging and educational, all in one place!


Here at Green Camp Bali, you also have the opportunity to meet a range of similar-minded individuals from all around the world, making it into an international experience as you have the chance to learn about not one, but multiple cultures.


Become inspired through the ways in which you could get involved with the environment in order to improve the quality of your life and the future of your children.

This Family Camp takes you on a learning journey which includes:


– Introduction to Balinese culture and tradition

– Hands-on nature based programs

– Experience eco-community living

– Opportunity to meet families from all around the world

– Unplug from your devices and reconnect with your family

– Learn and be inspired to be more respectful and appreciative to mother nature. 


Reconnecting to Nature Camp (Family)

Family Camp

Rediscover your spirit of adventure and reconnect with nature during this exciting and action-packed 2-day camp!

Kids age: 5 - 12 y.o
Days: 2 days - day camp

1 – Day Green Adventure Family Camp

Family Camp

We love to inspire families to reconnect with nature and live more sustainably. Spend your day with us, exploring and learning about our natural environment. Deepen your connection with your loved ones through our fun-filled programs!

Kids age: 5 - 14 y.o
Days: 1 day

5-Day Green Adventure Family Camp

Family Camp

Give your family a holiday they will never forget! Our 5 Day Family Camp is filled with fun activities, sustainable learning programs and off-site exploring Bali.

Kids age: 5 - 14 y.o
Days: 5 days 4 nights

3-Day Green Adventure Family Camp

Family Camp

Looking for a short fun getaway with your kids? Then our 3 Day Family Camp is the right fit for you. Have fun, learn new skills, and connect with each other in our beautiful eco-living environment set at the Green School.

Kids age: 5 - 14 y.o
Days: 3 days 2 nights