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Nature Journeys With Green Camp Bali

At Green Camp in Bali we care about your well-being!

Staying connected to nature and living a sustainable lifestyle is now more important than ever.

Join us online for fun, hands-on and interactive learning adventures that will spark your imagination and keep you connected to the natural world. 

During our live sessions, we will explore the inner workings of nature and learn how to care about the planet we all share and call home!

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Online Learning Program


6 – 12 y.o


60 – 75 Minutes
10 AM ± 11 AM GMT+8


$10 per session
$27 for 3 sessions

Program 1: Natural Dyes

Can you imagine seeing the colors of the rainbow in your own home? Join us and learn about the magic of colors as well as making your own natural colors at home using natural materials. Once you know how to make your own dyes you will be able to make your old t-shirts, bags and other upcycled materials bright and colorful again in a sustainable and fun way!

Make sure to bring your creativity and imagination and be ready to make a rainbow of colors in your own home!

Program 2: Nature Investigator

Are you curious and ready to solve riddles and discover nature’s secrets

Become a detective to investigate and learn about some of Nature’s biggest mysteries. In today’s lesson, we will be exploring nature to discover what makes something a natural product of the environment.

Make sure to bring a sense of curiosity and be ready to have a blast during your adventure!

Program 3: Upcycle Art & Shadow Puppets

Are you a budding artist? Want to be creative and artistic?

Participants will learn to see the value in used stuff and learn a new skill to turn used materials into recycled items that can be made into art. You’ll also make your own shadow puppet by reusing and upcycling things you might normally throw away!

We hope you make something fun, colorful and crazy!

Program 4: Bamboo Paper Making

Did you know you can make paper from bamboo or scraps of paper?

During this session you’ll learn to make your very own paper out of bamboo, recycled paper and used newspaper. We’ll explore creative and eco-friendly ways to reduce our paper waste to avoid more deforestation. And after you’ve made your own paper you can create a Nature Journal or a fun and fantastic art project!

Make sure to bring your imagination and be ready to learn how to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle!

Program 5: Home Gardening

Did you know you can plant a garden in your house?

Get connected to nature and learn more about plants and making your own easy and simple garden at home. Even if you don’t have a yard or land at your house you can still plant something useful in your windowsill, on your porch or on your balcony! 

Enjoy the benefits of having plants nearby for their beauty, producing fresh air and even adding a few ingredients to your lunch or dinner!

Program 6: Plant-Based Cooking

Do you want to be a chef and cook delicious recipes and healthy food? 

Join us on a journey of learning how to transform the vegetables and spices from your refrigerator or market to a delicious plate of food full of vitamins and natural energy!

During this session, you will use wholesome ingredients to cook one of Indonesia’s famous local dishes called bihun goreng (fried rice noodles) for your lunch.

Enjoy and don’t forget to say ENAK SEKALI! (Very delicious)

How to join the sessions

  • Register via enrolling in one of the sessions/bundles listed above and proceed to checkout.
  • We will send a confirmation email about the Distance Learning Program.
  • We will send an email with a preparation package.
  • A day before the session, We will send a reminding email.
  • Cancellation: NO REFUND, RE-SCHEDULING only.
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